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    How often does the disposable nebulization mask be replaced? Application Method of Atomization Inhalation Mask and 9 Notices

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    How often does the disposable nebulization mask be replaced? Do you know how to use the inhalation mask and what to pay attention to? Global Medical Devices Network Xiaobian for you to introduce.

    How often does the disposable nebulization mask be replaced?

    Generally speaking, disposable nebulization masks need to be replaced basically once, but if the patient feels troubled and feels that the nebulization masks themselves are not polluted, they can be used for a slightly longer time, but disinfection must be done well, but relatively speaking, the use of disposable nebulization masks should be based on one time.

    Method of using oxygen atomization inhalation mask:

    1. Draw the liquid according to the doctor's advice, dilute it with distilled water, or dissolve the drug within 5 ml, then inject the liquid into the atomizer.

    2. According to the patient's condition, during the treatment, the medical staff will take the atomizer to the bedside for use.

    3, urges the patient to rinse mouth, first clean the mouth, take comfortable posture, connect the "1" end of the sprayer to the oxygen cylinder.

    On the rubber tube, take off the wetting bottle and adjust the oxygen flow rate to 6-10L/min, then it can be used.

    4. Patients use hand-held nebulizer. When exhaling, they should pay attention to the finger moving out of the mouth to prevent the loss of liquid medicine. If they feel tired in the process of using, they can relax their fingers and inhale after a short rest until they have finished spraying the liquid medicine.

    5. Immerse the atomizer in the disinfectant solution for 30 minutes after use and disinfect it. Clean and dry it and put it away for reserve.

    Nine points for attention of atomization inhalation mask:

    1. The steps of oral cleaning must be done.

    2. Do not eat half an hour before atomization treatment, in order to avoid vomiting reaction in the process of atomization.

    3. Don't adjust the oxygen flow without authorization.

    4. Keep seats or semi-seats when atomizing.

    5. Attention should be paid to the atomization process for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

    6. After atomization, gargle, wash or wipe your face in time.

    7. Nebulized inhalation mask for one person to avoid cross-infection.

    8. Be careful not to touch fireworks in the process of atomization.

    9. Attention should be paid to the amount of atomization in the process of atomization. If it is found that something is wrong or the patient's body is uncomfortable due to atomization, the medical staff should be notified in time.

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